Work and Holiday Visa for Chinese Youth

November 17th, 2014 | | industry

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This week saw Australia’s relationship with China grow, not just from the exchange of natural resources, but in a strategic relationship centred around travel and cultural exchange.

China has offered Australia its services commitments in a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), including new market access for Australian travel intermediaries such as travel agents to establish subsidiaries in China.

Alongside the new Free Trade Agreement, Australia and China have also completed negotiations on a Work and Holiday Arrangement (WHA), under which Australia will grant visas for up to 5,000 Chinese work and holiday makers annually.

The WHA will increase demand for tourism services and support the development of Australia’s tourism sector, particularly in rural Australia.

Also tourism and travel-related, China has guaranteed that Australian service suppliers will be able to construct, renovate and operate wholly Australian-owned hotels and restaurants in China. Australian travel agencies/tour operators are also able to establish wholly Australian-owned subsidiaries in China for tours within China for both domestic and foreign travellers.



Written by Chris Harrison