Why barter in business? Exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money

December 3rd, 2019 | | industry

Business owners love bartering because it saves them cash, moves excess stock or idle inventory, and fills up their downtime or spare capacity.  If you’re in business, chances are you’ve conducted at least one direct barter deal in the past successfully.

However while these direct barter deals can be effective, they lack flexibility, which limits scale and how often they may occur.  The challenge with a direct barter deal is you might want something that one business has but they may not want what you have. 

How does it work? Bartercard has revolutionised the way its members do business. From attracting new customers to conserving cash and increasing profits, Bartercard’s world-leading system enables members to enhance their business through various business growth strategies and a cashless business marketplace.

Bartercard has created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to barter their goods and services with businesses all around the country and the world.  Bartercard is one of the largest B2B networks with over 24,000 business members who are now effectively using barter to…

  • Gain new customers, who generate increased sales income
  • Move excess stock or utilise downtime
  • Free up cash to pay existing expenses
  • Increase profits from introduction of new business

And Bartercard isn’t just used for business.

Members can use barter to improve their lifestyle with one of the main leisure spends being tourism. 

With hotels, resorts and guest houses across destinations including Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Thailand and Bali, this is one of the many ways to conserve cash and improve your lifestyle with Bartercard

Whether you go for business or pleasure… Bartercard is with you.

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