STAT BYTE: What are the latest Backpacker statistics?

September 6th, 2017 | | news

The latest International Visitor Survey (IVS) results have been released today and backpacker statistics are not as gloomy as the sector may have predicted.

For the year ending June 2017, the total numbers of backpackers visiting Australia are 645,000, up from this time last year. (612,000). This is an increase of 5% and an overall increase of 8% as a share of all visitors to Oz.

Backpacker nights have increased from 43,831,000 to 46,924,000, a positive change of 7% and 18% of the total number of bed nights for all visitors to Oz. Total expenditure by backpackers has increased from $4.234b to $4.534b, an increase of 7% to the total tourism economy.
Backpacker visitation to each state are as follows in percentage terms for June ending 2017 (percentage change from June 2016 in brackets).
  • NSW 74.1 (+4.5%)
  • QLD 52.8 (+2.9%)
  • VIC 47.8 (+4.4%)
  • WA 15.3 (+6.6%)
  • NT 13.2 (+0.4%)
  • SA 11.6 (+0.7%)
  • TAS 7.9 (+17.1%)
  • ACT 4.8 (-1.2%)
Even the average length of stay has increased from 72 to 73. VIC received an overall increase in bed nights from 29 to 32, QLD from 37 to 40, SA from 17 to 21. Only NSW and and the NT had a marked drop, 32 to 30 and 14 to 11 respectively.
Average expenditure per backpacker has also increased from $5153 to $5338.
What does all this mean?
In spite of the backpacker tax issues and the uncertainty around work, the number of backpackers (not necessarily WHV) has increaased and they are spending more money than before and as spring breaks, the future looks positive.
Has this been the case for your business? Have your say.
Full analysis and commentary will be coming next week, so watch out!
Source: IVS