Travelling long haul soon? How flight attendant’s cope with jet lag

September 13th, 2017 | | industry

As someone who is about to embark on four long haul flights in the next 40 days (plus two medium haul ones). I thought it was a good idea to find out more about how to abate the issues arising from long haul flights. Afterall we have some of the longest fligths in the world. This is the best I could find – it comes from a good source, right!

There is nothing worse than losing the first couple of days of a holiday (or business trip)  to jet lag. There is also nobody better than a flight attendant to give advice on how to overcome it, which is what one flight attendant has done on the online discussion forum, Quora.

According to Shreyas P, who claims he has worked for five major airlines where he has travelled to more than 50 countries, the first step towards beating jet lag is admitting you can’t actually beat it — so stop trying. Instead, he said you’re best chance at coping with different time zones until you adjust is to meet it somewhere in the middle.

“We (flight attendants) don’t try to completely adjust to the time zones. If it is Europe then we get the time zone somewhere in the middle.” he said. “If you are used to sleeping at 11pm and in London that will mean at 4pm, we will try to sleep at 6-7pm London time. “If you are used to waking up at 8am but in Europe that may mean at midnight then give your body a bit more rest and wake up around 4am and start your day with light exercise.”

He also said you should absolutely not crawl into bed the minute you arrive at your destination if you flew overnight — no matter how tempting.

“If we have done midnight flights and land in the morning then we won’t sleep like we have missed out on the night sleep. Instead, take a nap of two hours in the day time and then wake up to eat and get some sun, and then try to sleep early in the evening.”

And finally, always, always set an alarm — and get up when it tells you to. “Whatever happens make sure you wake up when your alarm tells you to wake up.”

Anyone got any other jet lag home remedies? Mine are eyemask, eyeplugs (after you are at 35,000 feet), blanket, a comfortable pillow and change your watch/phone to the destination’s timezone and try to work with that. But my first flight is 14 hours 20 mins, so I don’t like my chances. Have your say and help your tourism industry colleagues and of course your own guests by reposting in your blogs, afterall they are all coming a long way too!

Source: News, additional comments from Chris Harrison

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  1. Dave says:

    I take two Valium before take off, a Xanax once the wheels lift off, two Nembutal once in the air, sleep, wake, two Dexedrine and then finally an Adderall just as the wheels hit the tarmac. I arrive at baggage reclaim as fresh as a daisy.

    Please note, this is just for Sydney – Melbourne, I would have to increase the quantities for a long haul flight.