Tourism Australia’s latest WHM campaign in Europe

March 19th, 2019 | | backpacker

In Brisbane last Thursday 14 March at the Destination Australia conference Tourism Australia (TA) launched Australia Inc, positioning Australia as the world’s most desirable WHM destination: offering countless work opportunities in the most amazing workplace in the world.  The campaign itself was launched by the Federal Minister for Tourism, Simon Birmingham, during the conference program.

Australia Inc will target young people in the UK, France and Germany who want to combine travel with temporary work under Australia’s WHM program. Combined, these markets make up more than a third of all WHM arrivals and spend in Australia.

By playfully positioning Australia as a company, Australia Inc provides TA with a platform to address key challenges around working holidays that have been identified through consumer research and consultation with industry.

The campaign demonstrates why the opportunity to live and work in Australia will make young people stand out from the crowd and be beneficial to their long-term career and life goals. Australia Inc will explain how a working holiday in Australia equips young people with the experience, confidence and skills needed to succeed in the workforce and further their future careers. The campaign will also include a dedicated hub on that will include useful links to job sites and other practical information on Australia.

The Australian Government is providing $7.5 million in funding over two years to TA to continue promoting our country as a WHM destination.

Australia Inc takes inspiration from TA’s successful 2013 ‘Best Jobs in the World’ campaign, evolved for a new generation of WHM travellers. Best Jobs in the World was a campaign TA ran in 2013 and was an expansion of a campaign that Tourism and Events Queensland first ran in 2009 – Best Job in the World. 

Whilst the campaign is being launched this week, the bulk of the campaign activity will roll out in the UK, Germany and France from mid-April and run for approximately 8 weeks. The campaign will be executed primarily through digital and social channels and will include a range of assets and media partnerships to bring the concept to life, with the hub being a reliable and easy to use tool for WHMs looking to plan their trip and connect them with websites and social platforms on how to find employment and learn about what to expect in Australia. In addition TA will also work with a range of key distribution partners across the UK, Germany and France to encourage consumers to book their working holiday.

Source: Tourism Australia

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  1. Deb Turner says:

    I would have thought TA would have included the US as numbers for WHM are growing and lets face it they are a massive market.