Thank you, Canada! 🇨🇦❤️

Kelsey Trimble flew Down Under this week, packing some very special things in her bag to help our injured and displaced wildlife.

She said, “I am so so honoured to be bringing donations from over 20 people in Toronto, Canada to Australia to help the wildlife during such a terrible time!

“Thank you to everyone who reached out, who contributed with fabrics, knits, medical supplies, food, towels, sheets, money and luggage! It was a team effort from all of us and with three checked humanitarian bags at 50lbs a bag, an impact will be made and animals will be helped. I’ve never seen people come together like this before, absolutely amazing.”

Her luggage included:
✅ 85 Nests
✅ 12 Bat wraps
✅ 20 Pouches
✅ 69 pouch liners
✅ 52 outer pouches
✅ 22 hanging pouches
✅ 2 beds

On top of this, she collected more than CAN$1200 in medical supplies.

Thank you so much, Kelsey! ❤️🌎

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Source: Daily Mail

Sourced by Mike Barrow

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