TECH BYTE: Ten (+ a bonus) tips for taking social video

March 6th, 2018 | | Uncategorized

1. Know the story you want to convey before shooting.

a.  Aim to create an emotional connection.

b. Stats, information, and how to resonate with our audiences.

2. Tell the story quickly

a.Catch attention immediately, do not use an intro!

b.Keep it short. Really short.

Videos that are less than 6 seconds will autoloop on Twitter.
Videos that are less than 30 seconds will autoloop on Facebook.

3. Use a call to action to drive traffic to the next stage

4. Lighting is key – ensure your subject is well lit – phone flashlights can be useful for this

5. Ensure you’re able to catch audio clearly (but know that 85% of people will watch without sound)
a.Stand close

b.Use a directional mic

c.Test beforehand

d.Watch for echoing

6. Keep the camera steady (or use a stabiliser or tripod)

7. Don’t use digital zoom – it often looks pixelated

8. Format is important – use square or vertical if possible

9. Keep the subject’s face centred.
Social platforms may crop the top and bottom of the video in the feed until it is clicked

10. Edit out unnecessary parts on camera prior before uploading for the editor

11. Ensure you have received the subject’s permission to publish on social media or online


Source: NSW Government, Department of Industry, Social Media Team