TECH BYTE: Instagram, Blogging and Travel Writing

May 24th, 2016 | | Events

Are you using Instagram? Are you blogging? or writing for yourself or your company? If you are looking to start or improve your posting, blogging or writing skills then check out The Travel Bootcamp. “Through our respective careers as a travel instagrammer, writer and blogger, we’ve done some pretty amazing things.”

“We’ve hiked mountains in South America, swum with dolphins in Africa, indulged (and indulged, and indulged …) at six-star resorts in the Maldives, been reindeer-sledding in Lapland, heli-skied our way down New Zealand, choppered over the world’s last wilderness frontier, the Kimberley, cruised through the Caribbean, floated in sacred Australian waterholes with no names … in fact, through our careers we’ve been paid to travel to a collective 73 countries.

“Our jobs haven’t just taken us into the wilderness, either: as a result of our work, we’ve written for global media brands:  BBCCNN and HuffPost; we’ve collaborated with consumer giants like Qantas and Kathmandu, we’ve been featured on media outlets such as ForbesNational Geographic and USA Today, and finally talked travel on the stage at TEDx and advised industry giants like Tourism Canada and Tourism Australia. “We’ve made lucrative careers by travel instagramming, writing and blogging.

“And now we want to share the gift of travel with you.”

The ‘we’ are myself (Lauren Bath), Georgia Rickard (Travel Writer) and Elizabeth Carlson (Young Adventuress Blog.)
The Travel Bootcamp isn’t just another writing course. It’s an intensive, no-bullshit program designed to give you the how, as well as the whos, the wheres and the whens of turning travel into your income.

Whether you’re looking for a whole new career, just want to make some money on the side or are interested in improving your company’s social media profiles, we’ll show you how.

The Travel Bootcamp, Sydney.

Date: Saturday 18 June 9am to 6.30pm

Where: Intercontinental Hotel, Double Bay