TECH BYTE: Facebook’s newsfeed change is the kick in the arse

January 17th, 2018 | | news

Facebook’s newsfeed change is the kick in the arse brands need, whether they like it or not. The latest Facebook algorithm changes will finally put an end to the ‘crap trap’ that has plagued content marketing for far too long, argues The Content Division’s Kurt Sanders.

“Hey brand and/or company! Here’s free TV and newspaper ad space for the entire duration that your business exists!” said no media company ever. Or if they did say it they probably didn’t exist for long.

The Zuck last week announced Facebook’s intentions to massively prioritise friends, family and group content in their newsfeed, relegating brands and media companies to the dregs (if that) of organic reach and engagement. But really, is it so surprising?

Why should Facebook give you a free kick to advertise your business anywhere? It’s a profit-driven company with staff and bills and helipads and hovercrafts with helipads to pay for like any other. Ad agencies have known this is coming for a long time, which is why their media buying arms are so damn important still and why brands’ physical touchpoints are still so vital. And it’s also part of the reason why some admen and adwomen have called it, and digital marketing in general, a crap trap for so long.

So what now? From a digital content level, this is the best news brands could have hoped for from the platform. Because now you know where you stand and you can make some vital decisions. If it’s not forcing you to take a good, hard look at yourself and get back to the things that work for your customers and your objectives then you may have missed a few things along the way.

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4 Responses

  1. Dean Nixon-Harding says:

    After reading this I have no idea what the content is trying to explain. For what reason should I be having a “hard look at yourself” and what am I looking for when I do …

    All the best
    Confused reader… :0/

    • Dave says:

      Come on Dean, you’re tech savvy. I know you know your way around a computer, I take much amusement in reading your passive-aggressive replies to negative feedback on your hostel. Highly mirthful.

  2. John George says:

    I read Dean’s comment first and I absolutely see what he means. But I don’t see what the article means, it speaks in a language that is alien to me and quite possibly a majority of others. Is it possible to re-write it in English please, using real words so those of use who do not use digi-speak know what we are looking for when we look at ourselves …. hard?

  3. John George says:

    Or maybe I have worked it out! It suggests FB will prioritise posts from people as opposed to posts from businesses into users news feeds, therefore reducing the publicity a brand can generate by posting under its FB business name. Unless, of course, the business pays for advertising. Is that right?