TECH BYTE: Estimated that 40 percent of all web traffic is fictional, are you paying for bods or bots?

April 19th, 2018 | | industry

Lotame, one of the world’s largest exchanges for digital third-party data, announced on Friday that it has purged 10 percent of its over 4 billion profiles after identifying them as bots or otherwise fraudulent accounts. Lotame CEO Andy Monfried estimated that 40 percent of all web traffic is fictional. The industry, he said, is facing a crisis of trust due to fraudulent and unreliable data. By purging those profiles, Lotame is aiming to restore at least some of that trust.

“Data quality is an industrywide concern, threatened by nonhuman traffic, bad actors and bad processes,” Monfried said. “With today’s launch, we are reinforcing our leadership position around quality, with what will likely become a category standard for other data exchanges.”

There’s always been an element of uncertainty in advertising data, whether from bot traffic, shared machines and outright data fraud. But according to Lotame, such uncertainty rapidly increased with an explosion in bot traffic beginning in 2016. This in turn degraded advertisers’ trust in data markets and consumers’ trust in advertising, coinciding with a general turn toward distrust in media and media technology. It’s that cascade that Lotame is hoping its renewed focus on data quality can stop or turn around. …

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