STAT BYTE: First & second year WHM visa numbers for the six months ending December 31

March 27th, 2017 | | industry

So the key outcome is that the 417 visa is down 3,000 and but this is including the period when the controversy over the so called backpacker tax was at its most intense and flowing through to offshore media and social media. Some would say that’s a good result! However, it is anticipated that there will be some residual lag continuing into the first half of 2017.


Year                            2015             2016

417 Visa                  106,187        103,118
462 Visa                   12,213           12,217

Total                       118,400         115,335     -2.5%


Connect this to last week’s IVS stats around diminished length of stay and its not at all a bunch of roses. Add to that the 3,000 that didn’t come (what might have been growth) to the reduced length of stay of those that did come and its still millions of dollars not being spent of Australia’s youth leisure tourism product.

On a brighter note, the Tourism Australia’s $10M marketing campaign is running over the next three years and this has already started to kick in. Plus the hard fought and revised 15% tax on working holiday makers appears to have been accepted by working holiday makers themselves (much better than the initial 32.5% would have been, so that was still a fight we had to have).

Sourced and written by Chris Harrison

Source: ATEC