South Australia social media campaign to keep tourists safe

November 20th, 2018 | | Accommodation

SA Police launch social media campaign to keep tourists safe following Salt Creek crime

Police are using a new social media initiative to avoid a repeat of the Salt Creek crime where two international backpackers were assaulted after organising a lift on Gumtree.

Key points:

  • A police safety campaign will focus on ridesharing in SA
  • It follows the Salt Creek backpacker crimes from 2016
  • Roman Heinze is in jail for 22 years for assaulting backpackers who he contacted on Gumtree

Police have launched a campaign in South Australia that features Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and will pinpoint areas where tourists need to be more savvy.

These include the smart ways to pick up farm work, safely travelling in the outback, always swimming between the flags on beaches and safe partying.

But it’s the information about ridesharing that is particularly critical after a Coorong incident two years ago that attracted international headlines.

Roman Heinze is now in jail for 22 years after being convicted of assaulting international backpackers who he contacted on Gumtree’s ride-sharing section.

Assistant Commissioner Peter Harvey said Heinze’s crimes, and another case that is still before the courts, were foremost in the development of the new campaign.

“There’s certainly been some crimes that have been, at least in part, some aspect where hitchhiking has been involved, or ride share,” he said.

Authorities believe common sense rules that all tourists should adopt will make their stay in South Australia trouble free.

“Some of the tips for ride sharing are like taking a photograph of the number plates of the vehicle, advising friends, planning ahead and really not staying isolated, but engaging with family and friends to let them know where you’re going and who you’re with, they’re small things, but they’re important,” Mr Harvey said.

Social media will ‘push out the message’

The Commissioner for Victims’ Rights, Bronwyn Killmier, said the days of the carefree tourist were over.

The safety campaign features posters and a pocket card, but Mr Harvey believes it is the social media drive that will resonate.

“Hopefully in time, the more-than-500,000 followers we have on Facebook will push out even more of the message, so this is the seeding of it,” he said.

SA Police Minister Corey Wingard was supportive of the initiative and said it would provide more information for the public on how to safely travel through South Australia.

“Not everyone has a huge budget when travelling and some tourists will look to ridesharing websites to get around to various locations,” he said.

“This initiative provides a range of easy-to-understand tips on ridesharing, safe partying, travelling in the remote areas of the state, gaining farm work and other useful information.

“This is really about encouraging people to think about their personal safety and that of their travelling companions. It is also about having situational awareness and thoroughly enjoying their stay in South Australia.”

Is this a campaign that should be pushed out federally?

Comments please.

Source: ABC Rural

Sourced by Mike Barrow

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  1. Macca says:

    I could not agree more. This should go Federally with so much information that covers all of Australia.