Do you own or run a cafe, restaurant, historic site, retail store or museum?

March 8th, 2018 | | industry
Because if you do and you aren’t in Berlin at ITB then you might like to read more about current research into youth tourism. Youth visitation of your category is growing worldwide and youth tourism remains the fastest growing sector of global tourism.
Why are youth travellers important for tourism?
• 23% of international arrivals were youth travellers in 2017 
• Youth tourism totalled $280 billion in tourism receipts in 2016 
• Youth tourism is the fastest growing and most dynamic sector of global tourism
There are loads of direct and cost-effective methods for you to capture your share of this growing market (youth tourism includes independent travellers and international students, backpackers are only one small subset of youth, as are working holiday makers).
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Sources and thanks: WYSE Travel Confederation, Martin Milford Sydell Group
Photo credits: WYSE Travel Confederation