RIP Wicked Travel, finally the now disrespected brand leaves our lives

May 3rd, 2018 | | Uncategorized

I don’t need to repeat the journey we have all taken with Wicked Travel over recent times, but what I would like to bring to you attention is its final demise.

You see Wicked Travel and Greyhound Wicked Travel (both versions of that name, before and after the liquidiation of Wicked Travel) are no more. Greyhound Australia have closed a few more under-performing stores and are now in the process of rebranding and realigning the stores they have left under their own umbrella.

There are five stores remaining (for now), these are Sydney (Pitt Street), two in Byron Bay and two in Cairns. The other Sydney stores in George Street and Bondi Beach both closed last month. Greyhound Australia also has a ticket office in Eddy Avenue, but there are currently no plans to sell 3rd party travel from this site.

The journey for this transition has clearly not been easy, but that chapter has closed and a corner has been turned. Greyhound stands behind all staff and its now a company (and travel brand) that is on the move. This can be seen by the new Whimit campaign and its in-store launches.

Well done Alex and the rest of the team at Greyhound Australia. Congratulations, good luck, onward and upward.

Written by Chris Harrison

Photo credit: Greyhound Google+

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  1. Paul R says:

    I don’t quite fully understand this article. It reads like Greyhound are coming out like the goods guys? Let’s not forget they were more than happy to go into business with Wicked, knowing their sales tactics and their use of high supply number to bully big commissions out of operators.

    Are you telling me Greyhound then bought out a business that had 14 stores trading under ‘Out of Bounds’, ‘Indie’ and ‘Wicked’ Travel to slowly whittle them down to five? What kind of business plan is that?

    I like the line, “Greyhound stand behind all staff”, does this include the staff that worked in the 9 stores they closed?

    Hahaha, if you ask me I think someone did the dirty on Greyhound and sold them (a very expensive) lemon, one final middle finger salute to the industry on his way out.

    While many may consider it a “disrespected” brand, I think there are one or two that are laughing all the way to the bank………………