Record numbers head to – what are they doing right?

August 9th, 2017 | | Accommodation

The number of unique visitors to the Tourism Australia (TA) website is now at a record high after a new approach to attract audiences took them to new heights. Teaming up with Storyation and Fairfax Media to create relevant and shareable content saw the numbers soar and Tourism Australia’s engaged visitors increased 46%, while leads to tourism operators jumped a whopping 350%.

Those in tourism will know this kind of reach adds astronomical value to a business. So, what is their secret?

TA began their digital shift in mid 2016 to keep up with the demands of online opportunities. The strategy was to shift away from being a purely functional site that focused solely on instruction and education and into a destination website for inspiration and experiential content.

The aim was to create as much ‘shareable content’ as possible – this is, like it sounds, the stuff that consumers were likely to share with their social networks, exposing a brand to thousands of potential new followers.

Since the project began, Tourism Australia has published 710 new articles and 50 new videos. The site is used by one quarter of all visitors to Australia and is at a record high for unique visitors. More than 70% of traffic to the site is organic or direct. (Edit. take the time to create relevant and shareable content about your product or business and you then SEO the hell out of it. Don’t know how to do that? contact Chris or Mike for details).

Page views on the ‘Things to do’ section of the website increased by more than 400% and the number of people clicking on third-party industry sites, such as restaurants, bars and tours, has jumped tenfold.

TA continue to boost their site with great content, and things like their recent partnership with BuzzFeed prove they are also relevant to the youth (millennial) market.

The Byte asked Leo Seaton, General Manager Media and Communications of Tourism Australia why BuzzFeed are a perfect fit for the youth tourism sector. “They have credibility, relevance and reach amongst today’s global youth audience,” he said. “Especially in the key youth and working holiday maker markets of the UK, France, Germany and Italy that we will initially be targeting.”

The BuzzFeed Mateship program will pick eight “Mates” to work, travel and capture shareable content across Australia which will be shown to the rest of the world.

“44 million millennials visit Buzzfeed each month,” said Leo.

Is your business producing shareable content? Give the millennials what they want! 

Source: Adnews

Sourced by Alex Harmon