Re-evaluating media: What the evidence reveals about the true worth of media for advertisers

May 29th, 2018 | | industry

The five most important media attributes for growing a brand in the longer term are:

  • targeting the right people in the right place at the right time (Edit. = travellers – in Australia – when they arrive)
  • increasing campaign ROI (Edit. know how to effectively measure a campaign or activiation)
  • triggering a positive emotional response (Edit. fortunately tourism experiences are very emotional, easier than banking)
  • increasing brand salience (Edit. = prominence, be the best known brand in your space)
  • maximising campaign reach (Edit. = repeat across multiple media, use online AND offline media together).

Judged against these TV and radio are top overall. Combining our evidence scores from all 12 attributes firmly places tv as the best performing medium, followed by radio, newspapers, magazines and out of home. Online display is the weakest performer. (Edit. for youth travel sector operators Australian tv and radio are out of reach and not a media for international tourists anyway. While the ‘industry’ equivalent to newspapers and magazines is actually travel guides, tourist maps and your own brochures.)

With the exception of TV, advertisers undervalue traditional media, especially radio. they overrate the value of online video and paid social. There is a clear disconnect between the scale of investment in online media and the value it delivers. Re-evaluating the media mix may help advertisers better achieve long-term brand growth.

Re-evaluate the media mix there is strong evidence from this research that digital advertising, especially online display, is not performing as well as other media in delivering the qualities required for a long-term brand-building campaign. this is at odds with the scale of investment in online advertising. advertisers should re-evaluate the media mix to ensure they are using the most effective combination of media for their brand.

Source and read more: Ebiquity Radio Centre