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March 11th, 2020 | | backpacker

It’s been a tough few months for the tourism market. With fires, floods and now the coronavirus, what’s next?

Having been in the tourism market for 30 years as an inbound youth tourism specialist, Mike Barrow, Managing Director of The Word and editor of The Byte has seen many challenges.

“This latest round of back to back disasters is as bad as it gets, making it difficult for all operators to manage their cashflow,” says Mike Barrow.

“But the inbound youth market is extremely resilient and backpackers are the ones whom have always come back to Australia first.”

“We are seeing it now. Backpackers are willing to come back and help as volunteers in areas affected by the fires. It’s fantastic and typical of the mindset of this industry and backpackers themselves.”

The Federal government has certainly made things better by introducing the volunteer visa to assist in the 88 days required for a second year visa.

As a gesture of goodwill, is offering a 50% discount* to any new operators wishing to distribute brochures in Sydney to attract business. have two services, one for the independent travellers and one for international students.

If you have a DL size brochure or an A4, take a look online at all the locations and images of the racks in place.

For further information and rates, contact Mike Barrow:

*conditions apply