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July 6th, 2020 | | backpacker

Tourism in Australia has experienced a uniquely terrible year. After an onslaught of natural disasters and pandemic lockdowns, it’s vital that we collaborate and innovate in order to optimise recovery efforts and pave the way forward.

Building on the great industry initiatives of Courtney Preo from YHA, I created a web-app to help aggregate operators reopening dates, COVID-safe restrictions and important information as it evolves.

From here Legendmate was born.

Legendmate is the simple platform bringing operators together to show our industry is once again open for business. It’s a directory that is accessible anywhere, anytime and for anyone interested. With over 130 products now listed across 40+ destinations, we deliver clear and up-to-date information on booking amazing Australian experiences throughout the reopening phases.

Our industry is working smarter and harder as we adapt with agility to unique market conditions and a customer base in limited supply.

Why use mobile apps? Why not?

Accessing information through a mobile web browser can be a real pain to navigate. We already use apps for 90% of the functionality on our smart devices. At the end of the day, these apps are simply digital assets to use as a functional tool. These can be simple or complex tools (you get what you pay for), but they all must solve a problem.

‘Touch-free’ is the world’s biggest need right now and it’s not all bad news. With mobile technology advancing exponentially, it’s now cheaper, easier to use and more accessible than ever before.

Besides, what industry is more suited to mobility than tourism? We need to leverage technology to suit our customers and products, not the other way around.

Digital transformation is already fundamentally changing the way we do business and interact with others. As we prepare for the inevitable reopening of Australia, we must also look for innovative ways to improve the travel ecosystem in a traditionally fragmented landscape.

The digital disruptors of tomorrow must find new solutions to capture, earn and retain user attention in the modern, mobile-first world.

Join the initiative

If you’re an operator looking to rise from the ashes of a uniquely shithouse 2020, please submit your products and relevant information via the Legendmate app.

When restrictions change or are lifted, simply submit the new conditions and we will remove the old listing.

Share this platform with other operators, travel agents, friends and family. It is a free grassroots initiative that is designed solely to help Australian tourism.

For all the Aussies looking to (finally) explore your own backyard, now is the time to go and support local business!

Legendmate app –

Save to your home screen: Open link in Safari, tap the Share button and ‘Add to Home Screen’.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out:

Looking forward to better days with you all.

ED: Another great initiative in the youth sector.

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Sourced by Mike Barrow

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