Latest backpacker stats revealed

January 8th, 2019 | | backpacker

The latest IVS (International Visitor Survey) have been released by Tourism Australia. The backpacker sector has been analysed and looks like this.

Arrivals in September quarter:

Down 5.5% to 2017 September quarter (but marginal improvement from a fall of 9% in June quarter).

Year to date to the end of September though the fall is 5%.


Visitation to all states down – year to date (YTD):

NSW: – 4.5%

Vic: -6%

Qld: -2.7%

SA: -14%

WA: -14.7%

Tas: -5%

NT: -11%

ACT: -12.4%


In terms of nationalities, year ending Sept:

UK:  – 10% (but Sept quarter better than earlier in the year)

Germany: -10.5%

But some places starting to pick up:

France: +4.5%

China: +13.6%


Nights: These are down 2.3% for the quarter (traditionally lowest of the year and better than the 21% fall in the June quarter), just under 11% YTD though.

Length of stay: These are actually up in Sept quarter from 74 to 79 nights, but still down YTD from 72 to 68 nights on average.


Source: IVS

Written by Janet McGarry, YHA