Latest Backpacker stats from Tourism Research Australia

The latest stats from the TRA (Tourism Research Australia) have just been released, these are for the year ending March 2015.

In short Australia remains a massively desirable country to visit.

Young travellers are looking for Aussie culture, a wonderful climate, cuddly animals, our great lifestyle and beaches, plus new work opportunities.

The youth market is only going to grow. The low Aussie dollar is great for tourism, making Australia even more desirable and affordable.




The main ‘backpacker’ findings of the report are:

  • Backpackers account for 13% of the total tourism spend in Australia, $3.2 Bn.
  • Backpacker numbers are up 4% from the same time last year.
  • Backpacker total numbers are 606,000 with average spend of $5295 per person.
  • Sydney continues to lead as the most visited destination by 72.8% of backpackers, also accounting for 24.2% of all visitor nights.
  • Melbourne takes silver, visited by 48.4% of backpackers with 15.4% of all visitor nights.
  • Brisbane takes bronze, visited by 34.5% of backpackers with 9.9% of all visitor nights.
  • Tropical North Queensland (Cairns) is doing well, visited by 33.1% of backpackers with 6.4% of all visitor nights.
  • North Coast NSW (Byron) hosts 23.8% of backpackers, with 3.3% of all visitor nights.
  • Gold Coast hosts 21.8% of all backpackers, with 3.1% of visitor nights.
  • Whitsundays hosts 20.3% of all backpackers with 1.9% of visitor nights.

Here’s the bottom line.

  • Travellers are still post arrival decision makers when it comes to travel and looking at the stats, Sydney and Melbourne top the charts commanding 40% of all visitor nights.
  • If you are not marketing your products in Sydney or Melbourne, you are missing the opportunity to showcase your business before they decide where to go travelling.

Agree or disagree – have your say!

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Sourced and written by Mike Barrow

7 thoughts on “Latest Backpacker stats from Tourism Research Australia”

  1. Can’t argue with the stats, if they show growth then all well and good. But with proposed tax changes next year will they continue to grow? What does TRA think?

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  3. Without backpackers the agricultural industry suffers. Tax fixed at 15% up to $18000+ is ok, after that 33% in the dollar borderline, but tax on super when they leave at 65% an absolute travesty. Yearly back to the government an estimated of $1.2 billion. Industry maybe should not pay any super to backpackers . Do the sums. Little return to backpackers, large cost to business, happy happy Government.

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