International Visitors Survey stats show backpacker sector struggling

April 3rd, 2019 | | backpacker

Not pretty! Is the best way to describe the latest IVS stats from Tourism Australia. The backpacker sector was down 3.8% for visitors in the December 2018 quarter based on the same figures from 2017.

Overall backpacker numbers for NSW were down 4.2%, Vic down 1.5%, Queensland down 3.9%, SA down 9.7%, WA down 7.5%, Tas down 1.6%, NT down 7.1% and ACT down 8.7%.

Visitor nights were also down overall by 8.3% with the worst affected, NSW, down 11.4% and WA down 15.9%.

Average visitor nights overall dropped from 71 to 67 but expenditure per person remained roughly the same at $5180. However, average expenditure per night rose from $73 to $77 overall. (see table 3C)

In overall ranking by destination, Sydney remains at #1 followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, TNQ, Perth, North coast NSW (Byron), Gold Coast, Adelaide , Whitsundays, Sunshine Coast. (see table 9B)

International visitor nights by type of accommodation used shows the backpacker accommodation down 9% overall. What the results did reveal, was the increase on “other commercial accommodation” by a whopping 27.8% at the expense of all other types of accommodation except “rented apartment” and “other private accommodation”. You can be the judge of that one. (see table 8)

Source: International Visitor Survey

Written by Mike Barrow

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  1. Deb Turner says:

    Darwin has been declining for the last 3 years this is not news to us that numbers in youth sector are down. Real street stats for Darwin would be closer to 35% down. The question is what can we do and what do we do to help each other as a collective group.