International Visitors Survey stats show backpacker sector struggling

April 3rd, 2019 | | backpacker

Not pretty! Is the best way to describe the latest IVS stats from Tourism Australia. The backpacker sector was down 3.8% for visitors in the December 2018 quarter based on the same figures from 2017.

Overall backpacker numbers for NSW were down 4.2%, Vic down 1.5%, Queensland down 3.9%, SA down 9.7%, WA down 7.5%, Tas down 1.6%, NT down 7.1% and ACT down 8.7%.

Visitor nights were also down overall by 8.3% with the worst affected, NSW, down 11.4% and WA down 15.9%.

Average visitor nights overall dropped from 71 to 67 but expenditure per person remained roughly the same at $5180. However, average expenditure per night rose from $73 to $77 overall. (see table 3C)

In overall ranking by destination, Sydney remains at #1 followed by Melbourne, Brisbane, TNQ, Perth, North coast NSW (Byron), Gold Coast, Adelaide , Whitsundays, Sunshine Coast. (see table 9B)

International visitor nights by type of accommodation used shows the backpacker accommodation down 9% overall. What the results did reveal, was the increase on “other commercial accommodation” by a whopping 27.8% at the expense of all other types of accommodation except “rented apartment” and “other private accommodation”. You can be the judge of that one. (see table 8)

Source: International Visitor Survey

Written by Mike Barrow

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  1. Deb Turner says:

    Darwin has been declining for the last 3 years this is not news to us that numbers in youth sector are down. Real street stats for Darwin would be closer to 35% down. The question is what can we do and what do we do to help each other as a collective group.

  2. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I would have thought it was closer to 20 – 25% down. Our overseas agents have been telling us for the past couple of years that Australia is on the nose.
    Destinations like Thailand, Vietnam and Bali are seen as far better value a lot more of an adventure than Oz.
    TA need to get out there and concentrate on getting bums on seats instead of swanning about the globe patting themselves on the back.
    Seriously, is the Honey Badger, Aussie News Today really the best we can do??

  3. Michael says:

    And Immi have just increased the price of a WHV again.

    In 2011 they cost $235. So they’ve increased by over 10% a year.

    If this continues, in 5 years time a WHV will cost $724.

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