Industry news and IVS stats, Tourism Australia and the World Cup

July 25th, 2018 | | Events

The quarterly International Visitor Survey was published on 19 July for the year ending 31 March 2018.

Previous trends are continuing with overall tourism growing strongly (+8%) off the back of Chinese visitation whilst the backpacker market is weak to declining (nights in all forms of accommodation down 4.1%). By region big declines for backpacker nights in Perth (-28%) and Darwin (-21%). Overall more visitors staying with friends and relatives (+7% and 30.5% of all overnights) and rental house/unit (+1% and 39% of all overnights). Nights in hostels at 12.8million up 1.4% and 4.8% of all overnights).

In other news –

Tourism Australia provided an industry briefing on recent market research in Europe on 18
July which pointed to relatively low awareness of the Australian working holiday visa
opportunity but no significant impediments (e.g. safety, backpacker tax, visa fee).

The final $2.5m tranche of the $10m working holiday visa marketing budget is yet to be committed
but is likely to be spent in the major UK, Germany, France, Italy markets.

-There is a theory supported by some data from previous World Cups that the event is a
dampener on long haul travel to destinations where the event cannot be shared with friends
at home and is broadcast at antisocial hours. The next two months will show if there is any
upturn now that the event has finished.

-Australia has now overtaken the UK to become the world’s second biggest destination for
international students after the US.


Source: Tourism Australia

Information supplied by YHA Australia