Help Donate to the Bush Fire Appeal

January 6th, 2020 | | backpacker
‘When a room in your house on fire, you don’t say a room in my house is on fire, you say my house is on fire’ Harrison Ford.

As many of us stand by and watch the horrors unfold it is hard to know
what we can do to help. Our country is burning and the news coverage is
just terrifying. The devastation is unfathomable. More than 6 million
hectares have been swallowed by unrelenting flames, lives have been
lost, homes destroyed and entire communities left in ruins. 

There is no doubt that we will be feeling the effects of these bushfires formonths to come and it’s vital to our communities’ resilience that we band
together in times of crisis. 

Adam and his Team at Welcome to Travel have kick started a fund
raising campaign with a $5k donation to the Red Cross.

Please join us in helping them spread the word to help reach their goal of $250,000. This money will go towards helping support the relief
efforts of the amazing volunteers at the Red Cross that are helping entire
communities rebuild their lives.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with the communities that are suffering the worst of this unprecedented fire season. Please take a moment to help
spread the word to anyone and everyone. Every little helps when you
have lost everything.

Source: Adventure Queensland
Sourced by Mike Barrow