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October 16th, 2018 | | industry

‘I am vanishing … no tears’:

The last words a Swedish teenager ever said to his father have convinced him his son is still alive, more than a decade after he vanished.

Max Vidar Castor, 19, was on the trip of a lifetime, travelling across Australia with two friends in 2005, until he was last seen en route to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.

A chilling letter sent to his father, Rolf, along with his passport and return plane ticket is the last correspondence Max had with his family.

But despite the letter, in which Max farewells his father, Rolf still believes his son is alive and well.

Swedish backpacker Max Vidar Castor was last seen in regional Victoria in 2005

Max paid $250 to send a package consisting of his passport, return flight ticket and a chilling letter to his father, which read: ‘Now I am vanishing… no tears’

‘Something strange has happened to me and I don’t know how to cope with it,’ Max’s note reads.

‘I am tired of myself but there is still so much beauty in the world. Now I am vanishing … no tears.’

‘I believe he has found some type of other community and could be living off the land, maybe even with a wife and kid… I wouldn’t be the least bit astonished.’

He believes Max has started a life for himself on the Far North Coast, a region close to the ocean in New South Wales, because his fellow travellers told him his son was attracted to the easygoing lifestyle there.

Max was backpacking to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road when he was last seen

Max’s father, Rolf, has come to terms with the fact he may never see his son again but still holds out hope that he is alive and well

More than 100 possible sightings of Max have been made all over Australia.

He was last seen at the local store in Wye River in far-southwest Victoria in 2005.

He told the shopkeeper he was planning on heading north, and has since reportedly been sighted across regional Victoria and NSW.

Source: Daily Mail

Sourced by Mike Barrow