Dingoes killed on Fraser Island

March 5th, 2019 | | backpacker

Two Fraser Island dingoes have paid with their lives for an attack on a French tourist and her young son.

Rangers identified the animals responsible for the Thursday night mauling and captured the first after consulting with traditional owners, who agreed the animal needed to be put down.

The second dingo was euthanised on Saturday, again after Indigenous elders gave their permission.

The tourist, 24, and her nine-year-old son were mauled on Eurong Beach when they unexpectedly encountered the pack and were running to the safety of their car.

„The couple both panicked and ran back towards the vehicle,” Queensland Ambulance Service spokesman Michael Augustus said.

„It was at that time when the pack actually chased them and attacked.”

The boy suffered „serious lacerations to his legs” and bite marks and injuries to his face, while his mother had „deep injuries” to her arms and legs.

The latest attack follows a similar January incident which saw a six-year-old boy bitten on the leg as he returned from a swim.

ED: Time and time again I have seen backpackers trying to feed the dingoes to get good photos. Please remind people going to Fraser these are potentially dangerous animals and need to be left alone.

Source: The New Daily

Sourced by Mike Barrow