Dear all tourism marketing managers – perception versus reality – the overall best advertising media

March 8th, 2018 | | opinion

… with all the data compiled and analysed there is one last tantalising league table to show – a grand prix if you will – weighting the 12 attributes to reveal the overall best advertising media.

And here it is. The perceptual table looks very familiar: the idea that TV, online video and social media represent the three leading advertising channels in 2018 would surprise few people. Even the presence of out of home in fourth spot fits with that media’s current renaissance, thanks to the growth in digital screens.

But it’s the evidence-based performance table that should stun marketers. TV retains its dominant position; it’s worth underlining that point given we continue to face dreary marketers getting on stages in their hoodies predicting the end is nigh for TV. But then look at the next top performers according to the actual performance data.

Radio and news media offer significant superiority over social media and online video on the issues that matter most to marketers. And yet radio can only hope for a flat line in terms of advertising spend this year and news media would be happy, I’ll bet, to lose 10% of its share of the advertising pie in 2018.

Meanwhile the digital revolution continues in this country. Marketers and agencies continue to move more and more of their ad spend across to social media and online video despite all the evidence to the contrary …

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Caveats, context and recognition:

This was a UK based study (we are in Australia), however one of our major markets is the UK and culturally our consumption of media is similar.

The Byte is owned by Travel Maps Australia, which in turn owns The Word (a form of news media, targetting tourists) and Sydney Brochure Distribution (a form of direct mail, targetting tourists). We have a vested interest in exposing this reality.

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