Canberra named in world’s top 10 cities to visit in 2018

October 31st, 2017 | | Uncategorized

Bill Bryson, a famous travel book writer, stated in his bestseller ‘Down Under’ about his travels in Australia, that Canberra is on the ‘tick list’ as one of the must see places. However, he did also state that it’s on the list as ‘the most boring place in Australia’. Pretty tough call Bruce, especially now as ….

Canberra has come third in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018 list. Yes Canberra has trumped Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to be ranked within the top three of Lonely Planet’s Best Cities to Visit in 2018 – ranking higher than any Australian city has ever been ranked before in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel Guide.

The travel guide calls out the city’s national treasures (including the National War Memorial pictured), boutique precincts and gastronomy as standout experiences, along with the city’s first International Test cricket match and the 100th anniversary of the WWI Armistice as highlight events for 2018.

Lonely Planet are saying that Canberra has been criminally overlooked and Canberra packs a big punch for such a small city (pop. 356,000). National treasures are found round almost every corner and exciting new boutique precincts have emerged, bulging with gastronomic highlights and cultural must-dos.

Explore an award-winning destination, where outdoor adventures are only moments away from stunning cultural attractions – start your day with a serene hot air balloon ride soaring high above the city and end with a drink at one of Australia’s best bars. It’s so easy to experience one good thing after another in Canberra.

So if you were looking for a new reason to visit Canberra, there’s never been a better time.

Accommodation has always been a bit of an issue in Canberra. Other than the run of the mill top end hotels (which are notoriously full when Parliament is sitting), there is little else. But wait!!…. there is YHA Canberra, an extremely good hostel right in the heart of the City. While if you are looking for something more suburban then Dickson Central is well worth checking out and checking in!

I’ve been to Canberra a number of times and it has some superb museums and galleries. The Australian War Memorial and National Gallery are both world class. Only 3.5 hours from Sydney and 7.5 hours from Melbourne, Canberra is a great weekend away or stopping off point when driving between Australia’s largest cities. Getting a coach? Murray’s Coaches or Greyhound are only $38 one way. Canberra, Australia’s capital city – Well worth a visit. So say Lonely Planet and The Byte.

Source: Lonely Planet


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  1. John Sanby says:

    Qatar Air coming to Canberra February 2018

  2. We’ve been running a Saturday day trip to Canberra regularly for about the last 15 years. The only western operator to do so and it hooks up with our farmstay option onto Melbourne. The most important part of the itinerary is the commentary as Canberra really has to be explained well. Once people get what it’s about, then they appreciate it.

  3. Mark Cameron says:

    and a great destination for Cycling !