BYTE REVIEW: Flamin’ Galah’s Home and Away Tour

June 12th, 2018 | | industry

Flamin’ Galah’s Official Channel 7 Home and Away Tour satisfies fans of the hit daytime soap, which is most popular in Australia, the U.K., Ireland, and New Zealand. Home and Away has been following the lives of various residents of the coastal town of Summer Bay since its premiere in 1988.

The pick up point for the tour is in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art at The Rocks. Be there street-side, at 1pm for a 1.15pm departure.  This gives you plenty of time to tour the museum or explore the other key tourism sites at The Rocks in the morning.

Upon entering the bus, the driver handed over a bottle of water for the hour-plus drive to Palm Beach, (or Summer Bay as it’s referred to in the show). The drive is long, though it doesn’t seem so because he speaks of popular points of interest, such as settings used for filming of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and Bay Watch. About an hour into the drive, we picked up Lisa, a Home and Away expert, who gives us the inside scoop about the actors and the set.

We finally arrived at Palm Beach/Summer Bay, where the sand was still a rich gold colour even beneath the dark gray winter sky. Despite the rain showers, the crew had just finished filming a scene when we had arrived and were taking a break (though filming is not always expected or guaranteed). Lisa pointed out specific locations recurring in the show: the settings for the drug deals, the murder scenes, and all the other dramatic points. The guides supplied umbrellas for us, so we could stay out and gush at the celebrities when they returned to the set, but in the meantime we’d walked down a small hill to the Boat House Café/Pier Diner, where we sat for a hot drink and got to know our guides, and our fellow tourists.

When the cast members returned, we had returned too so we could watch both cast and crew in action (see below) with special backstage passes. After they had filmed one scene repeatedly until it was perfect, we were able to snag a picture with Raffy and Marilyn, who were very kind and genuine towards us, though photographs with the stars are not always expected. Lisa then led us down to the surf club, where we took some more pictures of the set, and the beautiful beach.

The cast and crew of Home and Away in action

We explored an alternate route on our way home so as to spot some particular houses used for the show, where Lisa tested our knowledge and fed us more gossip about the actors. We were dropped off near Manly Wharf at 5.15pm, with enough time to explore the area. This was then a great opportunity to get to know the friends I made on the tour from around the world who shared a common interest in Home and Away.

Tour Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, although it is only possible to catch filming on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.


Adults: $105.00

Children:  $52.50

Infants: Free

Contact Information:

p:  (+61) 2 997 7890

Enquire:  Flamin Galah Tours