BYTE REPORT: Destination Australia Conference

March 18th, 2018 | | Events

This one-day conference was held last week at the Glasshouse in Melbourne. It is hosted by Tourism Australia and the day incorporates a snapshot of where Australian tourism is, where it is going and how businesses can become a part of Tourism Australia’s activities.

Tourism Australia (or TA) does a great job marketing Australia to the rest of the world. Its social media accounts (including Facebook and Instagram) are No #1 in the world for any destination marketing agency. With our beautiful beaches, clean air, blue skies and of course, cuddly animals and friendly folk, why wouldn’t tourists want to come to our land down under?

In the youth space, TA have recently launched Aussie News Today, a fun social media activity aimed at highlighting the interesting and fun parts of Oz in a manner more attuned to the demographic to which it is aimed – youth!!

What was learned from Buzzfeed on the day, was that social media requires a totally different mindset from traditional media in order to connect to the youth market. And it was also reiterated that relying purely on a single social media marketing strategy would be a dangerous exercise for any business intent on gaining new customers.

This market is constantly and rapidly changing and sometimes it is difficult to keep pace. However, by attending a conference of this quality, one can stay ahead of the game and have the opportunity to network and connect with like-minded people who share the same vision. Thanks TA, much learnt from this writer.

Written by Mike Barrow

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