BlazeAid – helping communities rebuild after natural disasters

March 11th, 2020 | | backpacker

Facebook link from BlazeAid

Please Share widely esp to friends and family in England, America, France, Italy and New Zealand.

There are now many groups ( eg Denmark and UK firefighters) mobilising to come out and help us rebuild after the Great Australian Jan 2020 Megafires. esp to Kangaroo Island, South Australia which is devastated! Sealink ferry fares have now been reduced to just $15 standing (with your swag) Currently, Working on cars and vans special price return with SA State Govt and Sealink now.

My suggestion before you leave is to google ‘BlazeAid base camps’ to get the map of Australia to see the locations. Press the base camp of choice you would like to go to and call the Coordinator giving an estimated time of arrival.

I also recommend that if you are a recognised and highly respected group (EG. UK firefighters) that you request an email signed by me (on BlazeAid letter head ) addressed to your airline for airfare consideration.

Groups coming must find their own way independently to a base camp and sharing your travel needs via Facebook works well. Finally, I would consider buying a swag in a town as close to the BlazeAid base camp as possible for your accomodation- we have ovals of room for you and the weather here is beautiful ( smoke cleared by welcome rains yesterday).

The Scott Morrison Federal Govt should have made a decision very soon Re: inclusion of volunteering at registered NFPs like BlazeAid to contribute to your 88 days for a second year Visa

Many thanks Kevin Butler BlazeAid Pres

ED: since this post, the Federal government have allowed the 88 days volunteering to contribute towards the second year visa – great intiative.

Source: Facebook

Sourced by Mike Barrow