Backpacker survey results by Adventure Queensland

May 4th, 2020 | | backpacker

Please see below results (as well as attached) for Backpacker surveys that Adventure Queensland helped to facilitate for the Queensland Government’s Department of Innovation, Tourism Industry Development last week.

Backpacker Survey:

–        Majority of the respondents are holding a current WHM Visa

–        78% chose to stay in Australia during this time

–        61% have between 4 to 9 months remaining on their Visa’s

–        Over 50% is looking for work.

o   Common feedback is that individuals are searching for work in farms, but there is none/finding it difficult to obtain one.

o   Financial strain is a concern

o   Pausing Visa’s and granting extensions.

Hostel (Operator) Survey:

–        Most respondents were from Far North or North Queensland.

–        60% of respondents are hosting backpackers at hostels

o   Accommodation also ranges to private properties, hotel/motels or on a farm

o   Concern was raised from one respondent on safety and quality of onsite farm accommodation.

–        Major centres of Brisbane are housing between 40 to 90 people. Regional areas are hosting between 10 to 35 people at a time.

–        Weekly rates for board are averaging at $184.97 per week or $26.42 per night.

o   Key notes are around support for individuals to find work, assisting farms and other employers to get the workers to them.

Source: Adventure Queensland

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