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My Fast Ferry’s Eco Hopper 24-Hour Service

My Fast Ferry’s Eco Hopper Service is a 24-hour hop on-hop off ferry that zips passengers from Darling Harbour to Manly Wharf, with various stops at secluded little piers in […]

BYTE THREE: 88 Days, personal experiences, successes and peer to peer advice

Backpackers continue to come forward with stories of exploitation and misadventure, their reports also flood social media groups and overseas news sites. But is the mainstream media responsible for magnifying […]

BYTE TWO: 88 Days lets find some solutions

The mainstream media has recently cast negative attention on the 88 day visa program, in which working holiday visa holders and work and holiday visa holders are required to complete […]

BYTE REVIEW: Flamin’ Galah’s Home and Away Tour

Flamin’ Galah’s Official Channel 7 Home and Away Tour satisfies fans of the hit daytime soap, which is most popular in Australia, the U.K., Ireland, and New Zealand. Home and […]

BYTE ONE: 88 days: Cultural exchange or just cheap overseas labour?

The context of a working holiday The Australian government and farming sector make good use of the influx of young tourists and backpackers who come to this country and the […]