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Letter to the youth/backpacker industry: time to take action

On Monday 8th of July, seven industry members including myself met with our local MP for Leichardt (Cairns region), Warren Entsch to raise our concerns regarding: Decline in Youth visitationWHM costs/tax/superExploitation of […]

Letter to the Editor. The Great Barrier Reef is alive

Dear Sir, I had a thought the other day, being a 30-year veteran of the tourism industry here in ‘Cairns – Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef’ that the word […]

Working holiday visa expansion – WHM

An expansion of the Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visa program which takes effect 01/07/19 will have benefits for farmers and regional communities, while fostering closer ties with dozens of countries. […]

Ancient Indigenous aquaculture site Budj Bim added to UNESCO World Heritage list

A south-west Victorian Indigenous site that is older than the pyramids has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Key points: A 6,600-year-old Indigenous aquaculture site in Victoria has […]

Feeding dolphins puts population at risk of decline, study shows

Tourism operators could be putting dolphin populations at risk by allowing them to be fed by visitors to Western Australia, new research has found. Key points: A Murdoch University study […]