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Check-in desk and concierges say brochures are best for guiding visitors

Bentley University, Center for Marketing Technology, in collaboration with the IAPBD (now Visitor International), surveyed 1,560 hospitality professionals to understand the usage and effectiveness of visitor information. The survey was […]

Research students for hire – invest in tourism

The tourism landscape is constantly changing and new consumer trends emerging. Business innovation is critical. Do you have the market intelligence and insight to stay ahead of the competition? Do […]

Lure of cities too strong for regional Australia to keep migrants, despite government efforts

The Government will come face-to-face with history when it launches its new regional migration visas in November. Key points: ANU researchers find newer migrant groups are even more likely to […]

Australian Taxation Office appeals against the backpacker tax

The Australian Taxation Office has appealed to the Full Federal Court against the decision in the matter of Addy v Commissioner of Taxation. This decision relates to whether a working holiday […]

Check out this working holiday job applicant: topless!!

Lukas Giakintzis posted a public call out asking for advice about farm jobs The Greek/German backpacker wants farm work to extend his Australian visaMr Giakintzis is seeking accommodation and a ‘warm, […]