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Erin Walsh
Erin Walsh is an American who came to Australia to experience life down under and get involved in the hospitality industry here. She enjoys learning and writing about trends involving backpackers, especially hostels. She has also started a small venture, Backpacker Business Solutions, to help small hostels improve their web presence.

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TECH BYTE: Boosting your hostel’s Instagram

  With roughly 87% of the millennial generation using social media for travel inspiration, it’s not only important, but crucial for hostels to step up their social media game. As […]

The nationality imbalance in Australian hostels

Often, in Australian hostels there’s a joke that there must be very few young people left in Germany because they’re all in Australia. Turns out, there might be some truth […]

Long-term ‘working’ guests in hostels. It’s a love-hate relationship

You arrive at the room door, pairs of well-worn and crusty work boots inhibit your entry. The door is ajar, so you give it a nudge and an indeciperable and […]

Free walking tours, backpackers were first onboard, now mainstream

With European cities touting “Free Walking Tours” for over a decade, travellers – from all demographics – are now familiar, and comfortable with the idea in Australia. Tour operators in […]