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Tourism Holdings Ltd appoints VINZ to audit global fleet

While their competitor may always be in trouble with the authorities about the quality and safety of their vehicles, thl is taking customer health and safety to a new level. […]

LYTE BYTE: Nudity, shenanigans & their 1 millionth traveller

If you’re offended by nudity … and other shenanigans look away now! The boys (and girls) at Get Lost Travel Group are approaching their 1 millionth booking! Sooooo, thought they’d […]

Travelling long haul soon? How flight attendant’s cope with jet lag

As someone who is about to embark on four long haul flights in the next 40 days (plus two medium haul ones). I thought it was a good idea to […]

Travel + x = Happiness and other early insights from New Horizons

Which cities are highly rated by young travellers when it comes to friendliness or overall value? What are the biggest obstacles for youth in need of a visa for travel? […]

British backpackers underpaid on Far North crocodile farm

Underpaid backpackers whose job description included feeding crocodiles and cleaning up dung have been awarded more than $13,000 following a Fair Work Ombudsman investigation. The two British nationals worked for […]