Au Pairs given short change by Fair Work

December 20th, 2018 | | employment

A recent ruling by Fair Work will likely result in au pairs moving to the miscellaneous award. This decision is threatening the future of the au pair industry, and the estimated 10,000 plus au pairs who head to Australia each year.

Wendi Aylward, the president of the industry association CAPAA and director of AIFS said the ruling will mean an 18 year old working 30 hours a week will receive only $120 per week (after tax and the board offset) . Conversely families will need to pay over $500 plus workers compensation, Superannnuation and fringe benefits tax. „It effectively makes the option  unworkable for families and unattractive for au pairs” said Ms Aylward.

The industry has been lobbying for a number of years for a dedicated au pair visa and greater regulation of the sector. „Au pairs spend their money in Australia, are repeat visitors and will often invite friends and family here. Beside being an amazing cultural exchange, it is economically beneficial for the government to foster this program.”

Ms Aylward notes that most structured au pair programs pay more than double what the award will give an au pair plus bonuses and other  benefits. With the future of the sector under a cloud, Ms Aylward this week submitted a proposal to Fair Work requesting the exclusion  of au pairs from the award. „we are hopeful that common sense will prevail.”

Source: AIFS

Sourced by Mike Barrow