ATV gets active in Victoria

November 26th, 2018 | | backpacker

Adventure Tourism Victoria (ATV) has been recently created due to the gap in representation for youth focused organisations at Government level. In recent years Victoria has not had an industry led group for the youth sector. In a state as large and prominent within Australia, this lack of representation has resulted in other states paving the way for the industry.

Inspired by Backpacker Operator Association NSW (BOA) and Adventure Queensland (AQ) through their advocacy work, voices and information points for the industry. Due to the successful events that bring the entire tourism community together (such as BOA Ball and Adventure Tourism Awards) ATV aims to bring the same amount of light to Victoria as a must see destination for all travellers.

ATV is a young and enthusiastic group, with diverse experience in various sectors of the industry keen to make their voices heard and unite as one. ATV welcomes all new members. Please join our group on Facebook.


EDIT: great initiative from the Victorians. Let us all support their efforts and assist in any way we can.


Executive committee:

President – Lisanna Weston (Dutchies Travel) – pictured
Vice President – Alex Hill (Base Hostel)

Secretary – Cassandra Richards (YHA)

Treasurer – Kristofer Pettersson (YHA)



Adam Ogle – Welcome to Travel

John O’Sullivan – Walks 101

Raph Kozminsky – Cloudbeds

Suzie Taylor – YHA

Paul Byrne – One Stop Adventures

Kerry Tate – Get Lost Travel Group

Raymond Atchison – Stray Travel


Source: ATV

2 Responses

  1. Anna Heaton says:

    As someone who’s seen the highs and lows of the youth sector down herein Melbourne i think what Lisanna and the crew are doing is inspiring and incredible and I have no doubt they will grow the association over time to succeed as BOA does. Disappointing that the lack of government support in this sector here over the last few years has required this but power to the people, it will probably work even better!

    Additionally I haven’t seen a youth focused campaign in Victoria for years and probably never one as good as the Welcome yo Travel boys! Whatvyhatcare doing for Victorian Tourism is incredible!

    What would we do without these innovative and passionate people in our industry! Nice work to all!

  2. congrats! ps post up a pic of these legends!