Adventure Tourism Victoria launches in Melbourne

March 5th, 2019 | | backpacker

On a warm Melbourne night in late February approximately 50 of Melbourne and Victoria’s key players and leaders in the adventure tourism industry came together to celebrate the launch of Adventure Tourism Victoria (ATV) at the Hotel Barkly rooftop in St Kilda.

With companies such as YHA, Jucy, TAG, Cloudbeds, Somerville Hospitality and another 16 businesses in attendance it provided a great networking opportunity for those already involved with ATV and for those that were curious at what the new organisation was offering.

With an amazing backdrop of the sun setting over Port Phillip Bay Lisanna Weston (President) and Alex Hill (Vice President) outlined the 4 key pillars on which the association was founded.

  • Networking
  • Support
  • Lobbying
  • Sustainability

Lisanna and Alex then gave accounts of how an organisation like ATV could have helped their businesses with lobbying and networking had the organisation been in existence. Following that guests heard from Adam Ogle (Welcome to Travel) and John O’Sullivan (Walks 101) regarding support and sustainability.

After a toast and few clinks of glasses Kristy Carstairs from Tourism Australia then gave a few words endorsing the organisation and wishing all the members the very best of success on their future endeavours!

Whilst ATV is a very young organisation they have high ambitions for affecting change in the adventure tourism sector and are in the process of establishing our short term and long term goals. Already many members are wishing to tackle:

  • Negative exposure and dodgy operators that pop up in the agricultural industry 
  • Illegal hostels
  • Tourist friendly public transport ticketing options
  • Introducing more sustainable practices within the industry

And this is only the start, over the next few weeks a formal vote will be sent out to all financial members to ask them what they’re pressing industry issues are to increase the focus onto members priorities 

The next opportunity for a few shandies will be on March 27th when ATV is holding a membership drive  (Launch Party 2.0) in Melbourne CBD. They are hoping to increase awareness plus attract more members and reach out to those that couldn’t make it out to the first event in St Kilda.

For more information on joining ATV please visit see their facebook page up-to-date information on the next ATV events and potentially a few photos of yourself from the last event!

ED: Congrats to ATV, great to see the enthusiasm and drive.

Written by: ATV

2 Responses

  1. Macca says:

    For many years the Youth travel sector has been badly let down by many of the State and Territory tourism bodies. With this new association and new blood I’m confident we will see our sector regenerate to the stronghold it once was

  2. Greg says:

    We’ve had the same difficulty getting attention for the youth and backpacker sector from the STO in Tasmania too. Wishing ATV all the best, sounds like you have some great support and the will to get the job done 🙂