April 2nd, 2019 | | industry

Adventium Technology emailed their clients on 26 March 2019 to advise that effective 15 April 2019, they will be implementing API Success Fees.

The proposed fees will be on all successful API bookings and the fees for API connections are:
Accommodation Providers: 1.0% of retail recommended price
Tour & Activity Providers: 0.50% of retail recommended price
Operators accessing via Junction6: 0.25% of retail recommended price

Several members have contacted us to raise their concern about these fees and both BOA, AQ and ATV intend to respond to Adventium Technology on behalf of members.

As a BOA, AQ or ATV member, if you are affected by implementation of these fees and would like to share your feedback, please send an email to one of the following: or get in touch with a BOA representative. by 10am Thursday 4 April, 2019 or get in touch with your local AQ representative to discuss.

…or please comment on this forum on how it will affect your business even if not a member of the above state organisations.

Source: BOA/AQ

Sourced by Mike Barrow

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