Adopt a backpacker: Blampied couple open their homes and hearts to four young travellers

June 2nd, 2020 | | backpacker

Susie Losa’s generosity has led her to finding her “COVID family”.

Mrs Losa, and her husband, Jean Luc, have opened up their Blampied home to four backpackers seeking accommodation on the Facebook group Adopt a Backpacker.

“Within eight minutes of posting I had three replies. It said to me they really were desperate,” Mrs Losa said.

The social media initiative began in late March when coronavirus restrictions forced many backpackers out of hostels and jobs.

French backpackers Valentin Galmier and Alexia Arrive, and April Giblin and Ellie Sutton from England were some of the lucky ones to find a safe place to stay, now living with Mrs Losa while they ride out the pandemic.

The group has now been together for more than three weeks, and Mrs Losa said they had been a wonderful addition to her household, helping with everything from making dinner to feeding the array of animals of her 8ha property.

“It makes me feel younger, I don’t have children myself, but I am really enjoying having them,” she said. “I like the fact that I’ve now got four people staying here who are a whole lot less stressed than they were when they arrived,”

Mrs Losa said she would not hesitate to take more backpackers in, and she valued the contribution they normally made to Australian agriculture.

“They’re filling an essential part of the economy and I think it’s really important to support them in anyway,” she said

Ms Giblin said she was holidaying in Melbourne when the lockdown came into place and the decision to stay was based on the expensive tickets back home and the fact that her visa had just renewed.

She said she felt lucky to have found a place where she felt comfortable with people she got along with, but said everyone should put safety first in finding the right person.

“I think it’s amazing that there are people out there like Susie who will take in people but for all parties you have to be super super careful,” Ms Giblin said.

ED: Good to see some positive news for a change. This is the type of experience young travellers will take home and remember (and share across their social media channels).

Source: ABC

Sourced by Mike Barrow