Accommodation & hospitality – Pending removal from 457 list

November 22nd, 2017 | | Accommodation

The Department of Employment (DoE) has released a Traffic Light Bulletin on possible changes to the skilled migration occupation lists to take effect 1 January 2018. Please note the Traffic Light Bulletin is for consultation purposes only and does not represent any decision by Government. As you may be aware, the skilled migration occupation lists are used to determine which occupations can be filled by foreign skilled workers on visas such as the 457/Temporary Skill Shortage visa.

While DoE’s suggested changes are limited, it does recommend the removal of “Accommodation and Hospitality Managers not elsewhere classified” (ANZSCO 141999) from the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL). Please note this occupation group specifically encompasses the following occupations:

Backpackers Manager

Boarding House Manager

Casino Duty Manager

Guest House Manager

Hostel Manager

Reception Centre Manager

We understanding of the rationale behind the occupations removal is the relatively low take-up of visa holders. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s data shows on 31 March 2017, there were only 151 visa holders working in these occupations in Australia.

Industry businesses now have the opportunity to comment on the proposed changes indicated in the Traffic Light Bulletin. Please note the consultation period will run for two weeks (closing Friday 1 December 2017). If the potential removal of this occupation group impacts your business, we strongly recommend you consider making a submission. Submissions would need to be backed by a compelling argument as to why this occupation group should remain on the STSOL. DoE has noted that it will not consider feedback unless it is backed by clear evidence; in other words you need to show that, in the past, it has not been possible to attract Australians to fill the position.

BOA NSW holds great concern that this change could will affect many of its members. BOA NSW will be making a submission against this change and BOA NSW urges its members to do the same.

Adventure Queensland (AQ) is also concerned about the potential impact to its members should Accommodation and Hospitality Managers be removed from the Short-Term Skilled Occupation list for 457 visas. AQ has canvased its members for feedback and will be making a submission, on their behalf against the potential removal.

Submissions must be made prior to the 1st of December please see the Department of Employment website for further details on these proposed changes and the public consultation process.

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  1. If you are outside a city it is far better to apply for your workers on the RSMS – Rural Skills Visa 187. Good for anything outside the cities.