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Earning their keep: a glimpse into the backpacker experience

Each winter, the Lockyer Valley’s population swells as work-hungry backpackers flock to the ‘salad bowl of Queensland’ to help with the harvests. Between 2000-3000 extra hands are working on the […]

TECH BYTE: Why you should fear the ‘digital duopoly’ in 2018

December 6th, 2017 No Comments

Google and Facebook, the ‘digital duopoly’, account for 84% of global digital media and are growing while the rest are shrinking. That’s bad for society, but a mandatory break-up looks […]

Labour hire companies face harsher penalties under new SA laws if workers exploited

December 6th, 2017 No Comments

People running labour hire companies that exploit workers and dodge tax will face up to three years in jail under laws that have passed South Australia’s Parliament. The laws were […]

A young backpacker who spoke out on sexual harassment has been sent hate mail

A young backpacker who spoke out about her chilling experiences of sexual harassment as a traveller has been sent hate mail — telling her it’s all part of Aussie farm […]

Turnbull government’s backpacker tax under legal doubt over international treaties

International holidaymakers have launched legal action against the Turnbull government’s controversial backpacker tax, arguing it breaches Australia’s international tax treaties. US-based tax accounting firm Taxback – acting on behalf of […]